Hamfest 2014 - Thanks Everyone

Thank you again for making the WACOM 2014 Hamfest a huge success again this year. We enjoyed an all-time record of attendance and support from amateur's operators from the Tri-state area.

With support from our vendors and the amateur community we are very excited about November 1, 2015. We are already planning a great event that will support all interests of the amateur radio hobby community again. So please reserve that date now and thank you once again from all of the WACOM membership.

Prize Winners for the WACOM 2014 Hamfest
1st Prize - Amertron 811H HF Amplifier - KSPSP Dennis Presky
2nd Prize - 50" Vizio Smart TV - AK3O Jay Brassell
3rd Prize - Yaesu FT-8800R - N3FB Frank Bobro
4th Prize - MFJ 259C Analyzer - W3LE Ron Telek
5th Prize - Elecraft XG3 RF Signal Source - KB3LBB Ralph Bliss
6th Prize - 500' RG58U Coax - N3SBF Rich Danko
iPad - KC3AJM Bob Fisher
Black Box - W3WH Bill Hill
Black Box - KA3KSP Jim Grazulis

Hamfest Mailing List

Please take a moment to send us an email with your call sign and a few comments about how we can improve our hamfest. This will allow us to add your email to our list as well as keep you updated on vendors, times and events regarding next year's WACOM Hamfest. To sign up, email us at hamfestinfo@wa3com.com

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Field Day Results

    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 852
    Digital QSOs: 229
    Phone QSOs: 787
    Total QSOs: 1868
    Total Score: 7472
    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 752
    Digital QSOs: 209
    Phone QSOs: 820
    Total QSOs: 1781
    Total Score: 6940
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 338
    Digital QSOs: 145
    Phone QSOs: 974
    Total QSOs: 1457
    Total Score: 5056
    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 621
    Digital QSOs: 254
    Phone QSOs: 662
    Total QSOs: 1537
    Total Score: 6454
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 322
    Digital QSOs: 118
    Phone QSOs: 813
    Total QSOs: 1253
    Total Score: 4736
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 364
    Digital QSOs: 131
    Phone QSOs: 517
    Total QSOs: 1014
    Total Score: 4350
    Class: 3A
    Total QSOs: 926
    Total Score: 3550

    Class: 4A
    Total QSOs: 1015
    Total Score: 4118

    Class: 4A
    Total QSOs: 704
    Total Score: 3290

    Class: 3A
    Total QSOs: 586
    Total Score: 2632

    Class: 5A
    Total QSOs: 380
    Total Score: 1372

    Class: 5A
    Total QSOs: 371
    Total Score: 1652

    Class: 2A
    Total QSOs: 232
    Total Score: 686

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