President's Message April 2014

Want to have some fun, and practice your radio tactics and techniques?

Do you like to eat, because as a bonus, IF you come to the Walk for Alex, you can enjoy a food feast afterwards. Seriously, this event needs you help to assist the organizers providing the safety net for the many runners. They do fall, drop and otherwise need emergency medical attention, which we facilitate with our radio network. Traditionally we have barely squeaked buy with "just enough" operators. This year we should mark our calendars and show up for the morning. You will be home in time to mow the yard before lunch.

Don Smith KB3YLR and Bob Ketzell KB3IN will be discussing the event at the meeting and asking you to participate. Do it, you will have fun, practice emergency radio procedures, get a tan and eat some food.

The board has been discussing opening up the shack for Tuesday evenings, for coffee, and to play radio...we can do the nets, checkout our procedural operating for FIELD DAY. If you did not notice, last year Ken's leadership and planning landed WA3COM at the top. I am certain Ken will be setting us up for new level of accomplishments.

A body at rest stays, a body in motion stays in motion...
So get moving...Get RADIOACTIVE

73, Bill Steffey, NY9H/3

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Field Day Results

    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 752
    Digital QSOs: 209
    Phone QSOs: 820
    Total QSOs: 1781
    Total Score: 6940
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 338
    Digital QSOs: 145
    Phone QSOs: 974
    Total QSOs: 1457
    Total Score: 5056
    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 621
    Digital QSOs: 254
    Phone QSOs: 662
    Total QSOs: 1537
    Total Score: 6454
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 322
    Digital QSOs: 118
    Phone QSOs: 813
    Total QSOs: 1253
    Total Score: 4736
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 364
    Digital QSOs: 131
    Phone QSOs: 517
    Total QSOs: 1014
    Total Score: 4350
    Class: 3A
    Total QSOs: 926
    Total Score: 3550
    Class: 4A
    Total QSOs: 1015
    Total Score: 4118
    Class: 4A
    Total QSOs: 704
    Total Score: 3290
    Class: 3A
    Total QSOs: 586
    Total Score: 2632
    Class: 5A
    Total QSOs: 380
    Total Score: 1372
    Class: 5A
    Total QSOs: 371
    Total Score: 1652
    Class: 2A
    Total QSOs: 232
    Total Score: 686



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