Whiskey Rebellion Festival Special Event Station, W3R

Get on the air for our 2nd annual Whiskey Rebellion Special Event.

On Air: July 5th 0000 UTC - July 13th 24:59 UTC
Festival: July 9-12
Frequencies: TBA
- Download W3R Certificate

WACOM Marathon

Many WACOM members like to contact far away stations (DX). Many of us, have over the years contacted many of the DX entities called countries. But what about those just starting with the hobby?

CQ Magazine sponsors a "MARATHON" each year, which gives everyone a clean slate every January 1. Each country worked is worth one point. Each CQ zone worked is worth one point. The total score is the sum of zones and countries worked, on any mode and any authorized band. Rules are on their website. Unlike the ARRL DXCC program, no QSL cards are required. http://www.dxmarathon.com


  • Send us your logbook from 1 JAN 15 UTC to 31 DEC 2015 UTC, before Jan 15, 2016.
  • If you have been a Ham for less than 5 years (any power/antenna) you multiply your score by 3X
  • For others, if you DO NOT have an AMP or a BEAM, you multiply your raw score by 2X.
    WACOM will provide a Plaque for
  • The highest score among WACOM members
  • The highest score in WPA Section (Western PA)
  • WACOM Marathon 2015 Certificates will be issued for TOP 5 entries in both categories.
To make it very easy Jim, AD1C, has written a program that will take the ADIF log info from your logging program and create the DX Marathon Score Sheet directly. Then send it into both WACOM and the CQ MARATHON!! http://software.ad1c.us/marathon

During the year, assistance will be provided on the Elmer's Net for getting your rig talking to your radio. Just type in the callsign, it's more fun when they talk together logging the time, frequency and mode, just by pushing the enter key. This will be more fun than the WACKY 100 contest 4 years ago.

Hamfest Mailing List

Please take a moment to send us an email with your call sign and a few comments about how we can improve our hamfest. This will allow us to add your email to our list as well as keep you updated on vendors, times and events regarding next year's WACOM Hamfest. To sign up, email us at hamfestinfo@wa3com.com

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Field Day Results

    Class: 5F
    CW QSOs: 414
    Digital QSOs: 131
    Phone QSOs: 654
    Total QSOs: 1199
    Total Score:
    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 852
    Digital QSOs: 229
    Phone QSOs: 787
    Total QSOs: 1868
    Total Score: 7472
    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 752
    Digital QSOs: 209
    Phone QSOs: 820
    Total QSOs: 1781
    Total Score: 6940
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 338
    Digital QSOs: 145
    Phone QSOs: 974
    Total QSOs: 1457
    Total Score: 5056
    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 621
    Digital QSOs: 254
    Phone QSOs: 662
    Total QSOs: 1537
    Total Score: 6454
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 322
    Digital QSOs: 118
    Phone QSOs: 813
    Total QSOs: 1253
    Total Score: 4736
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 364
    Digital QSOs: 131
    Phone QSOs: 517
    Total QSOs: 1014
    Total Score: 4350
    Class: 3A
    Total QSOs: 926
    Total Score: 3550

    Class: 4A
    Total QSOs: 1015
    Total Score: 4118

    Class: 4A
    Total QSOs: 704
    Total Score: 3290

    Class: 3A
    Total QSOs: 586
    Total Score: 2632

    Class: 5A
    Total QSOs: 380
    Total Score: 1372

    Class: 5A
    Total QSOs: 371
    Total Score: 1652

    Class: 2A
    Total QSOs: 232
    Total Score: 686

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