Washington Amateur Communications

WACOM Hamfest

When: November 6, 2016, 8AM - 3PM
Where: Washington County Fairgrounds, 2151 N Main St, Washington, PA 15301


  1. Yaesu FT-DX1200, HF+6M Multi-Mode Transceiver
  2. Yaesu FT-2900R/E, 75W 2M FM Mobile Transceiver
  3. Yaesu FT-2900R/E, 75W 2M FM Mobile Transceiver
  4. Yaesu FTM-3100R, 65W 2M FM Mobile Transceiver
         - Black Box Prizes (Only 50 Tickets Sold)

Admission Fee: $5
Table Fee: $12 each, $10 per table if reserving 5 or more tables

VE Testing: 8AM

Food: Breakfast & Lunch will be available

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Hamfest Mailing List

Please take a moment to send us an email with your call sign and a few comments about how we can improve our hamfest. This will allow us to add your email to our list as well as keep you updated on vendors, times and events regarding next year's WACOM Hamfest. To sign up, email us at hamfestinfo@wa3com.com

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    Hamfest Vendors
  • Quick Silver Radio
  • KJI Electronics
  • Yaesu Factory Reps with Display Models to Touch and Ask Questions
  • R&R Design
  • B&N Electronics
  • Dan the Tool Guy
  • G&G Electronics
  • Bob Spak
  • Eagle One
  • Created by Amy
  • Don Mertz
    Clubs & Organizations
  • Wireless Association of the South Hills

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