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EMCOMM Training

WACOM is committing to an ongoing training program for the purpose of educating emergency communications operators.

This program will cover all aspects of emergency communications including, but not limited to:

  • EMCOMM & Public Service
  • FEMA Classes
  • EMCOMM Classes
  • Participation in local, county, and state exercises
  • Deploying and practicing EMCOMM skills

The program will also train with assets already established within WACOM:
  • NBEMS net on Monday nights
  • Hands on training with the PA Region 13 Emergency Vehicle 92-2
  • WACOM Radio Room
  • Annual public service events
EMCOMM Training Officer: Brad McCarrell, KC3EDQ; brad_m1@verizon.net

- Download Washington County ARES/RACES Registration Form

FEMA Classes

The following FEMA courses serve as an introduction to emergency site chain of command and procedures. Completion of these courses and passing of their associated exams are considered requirements for gaining access to many emergency sites.


NBEMS Digital Training Net
     - Mondays at 8PM on K3PSP Repeater System
     - Bob KC3AJM, Net Control
     - Digital Net Form
     - Download the FLDIGI & FLMSG software
     - FLDIGI Setup Instructions

ACS Training Net
     - Tuesdays at 8:30PM on K3PSP Repeater System
     - ACS Training Net Form
     - ACS Training Net Log
     - Net Control Schedule
     - WPA Simplex Frequencies

     - As Necessary
     - SKYWARN Net Form
     - SKYWARN Log & Report
     - Emergency Log


Western PA Phone Traffic Net
     - 6 PM Daily, 3.983 MHz

Western PA ARES Net
     - 9AM Saturday, 3.983 MHz

Western Region ACS Net
     - 9AM Sunday, 3.990.5 MHz

     - 11AM Sunday, 7.072.5 MHz (alternate - 10.135)
     - USB, 1500 Waterfall

PA NBEMS Bulletins
     - 8:30PM Sunday, 3.583 MHz
     - USB, 1700 Waterfall

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